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Welcome to Lekoseum

Welcome to Lekoseum’s official website. Lekoseum is a toy museum that has something to offer children and adults alike. Join us on a journey through Swedish toy history. See how colour and form has been used to stimulate children’s play and imagination. At Lekoseum there is also room to play with today’s toys and games. On this page we have tried to compile as much information as possible in English, for our non-Swedish speaking friends. If you wish to have more information than what is on this page, we suggest you translate the entire website at google translate (by entering at the google page).

About Lekoseum

Lekoseum is a toy museum with cafe, play-areas and shop. The museum first opened in 1984 in connection with BRIO AB celebrating 100 years as a company, the museum was then to be called BRIO Lekoseum.

In the late summer of 2014 Lekoseum became an independent foundation. The foundation’s board of directors now include representatives from Osby’s Municipality, the company BRIO AB, BRIO veteran fund and the family Ivarsson. One of the foundation’s tasks is to nurture Osby’s cultural heritage, which is part of Swedish toy manufacturing as a whole. From being merely BRIO’s official museum, we are now a museum showcasing toy and play development from the entire county. Our primary mission is to nurture children’s play and toy history regardless of age and nationality. One of our new ambitions is to give space in the museum for the employees and local suppliers who manufactured BRIO products during the 1900s.

At Lekoseum we display above all, toys that were manufactured locally by many different subcontractors and BRIO’s own factories in Osby and Killeberg. Children’s play has, for more than a century formed the basis on which companies in Osby built their business. As a result there was once more than  twenty companies in Osby devoted to toy manufacturing, which provided a livelihood for the men and women within the area.

Lekoseum Store

Lekoseums Butik idagBild inne på Lekoseums butik tillsammans med texten "playtime is more than...".Blåa backar inne på Lekoseums butik, som innehåller lösa artiklar.Bild av Ivar Bengtssons slöjdaffar, en så kallad 15-öres basar.Sortimet av figurer till BRIO träjärnvägen hel hylla fyld av BRIO träjärnväBRIO växellok leksak till träjärnvägen

The company founder Ivar Bengtson started the company’s first store in Osby in 1914. Nowadays Lekoseum runs a shop located on the same spot, right across from the museum. Here you can find today’s BRIO-toys and a lot more that will stir your fantasy and creativity. Our aim is to have quality toys at a low price. Please follow us on Facebook for more information about our special offers.

Museeum and shop opening hours & prices

The shop is open Tuesday to Friday 10.00 -18.00
Saturday 10.00-14.00

Lekoseum is currently closed to prevent the spread of infection

The museum has been temporarily closed to prevent and limit the spread of the corona virus. The decision was made on March 16 and takes effect immediately and is valid until further notice.

We want to help reduce the coronavirus spread as much as we can. As Osby’s largest visitor destination, it is important for us to take an increased responsibility and contribute to public Health. The decision has been taken as we now assess the risk of spreading infection as greater than the social benefit of being open.

Spring 2020 

Open 6/2 – 14/6 Thursday – Sunday: 10.00-16.00

Summer 2020

Open 16/6 – 30/8 Tuesday – Sunday: 11.00 – 17.00

Closed 19/6-21/6 during Midsummer



Adults 18 years + 80 SEK
Children 2-17 years 60 SEK
Family (2 adults & 3 children) 250 SEK
Children under 2 years enter for free.


Lekoseum welcomes group bookings, such as preschools, schools, seniors and companies wishing to visit us. For more information please call
+ 46 760 28 70 72 or send an email to info (at)


Lekoseums byggnad sett från andra sidan tågspåret i OsbyLekoseum
BRIOgatan 2, 283 83 Osby
Phone: +46 760 28 70 72

How to get to Lekoseum

Lekoseum is housed in a building which once severed as a warehouse for the Brothers Ivarsson. The museum is located right opposite BRIOs old headquarters in Osby. You can reach Lekoseum via train (Öresundståg or Pågatåg) and the museum is located next to the Osby train station. Lekoseum offers light snacks such as quiche, pancakes, cakes, drinks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, buns and muffins. We always try to offer at least one vegan, and one gluten- and lactos free choice.

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